Firstly, just to let you know it has many names in the industry, “documentary wedding photography,” “wedding photojournalism” and “reportage photography” essentially it describes candid photography. The art of seeing but not to be seen. Natural story telling, nothing contrived or arranged, nothing staged or prompted, just your big day as it happens. I am almost entirely a natural light photographer, by using fast prime lenses I am able to keep shooting in most lighting conditions, without resorting to flash. This helps me to stay unobtrusive and not draw attention. I will not be there to move and arrange things around, I simply observe the day unfold, capturing stunning images as and when they happen.

I do dedicate a window of time, when the lighting is at its optimum, to take a walk with just the two of you and capture some images that express the love you have for each other. Normally this is around sunset and after you have had the chance to be involved with your friends and family for the entire day. Who wants to miss out on those cricket and Pétanque games you setup!