ding dong



Firstly, just to let you know it has many names in the industry, “documentary wedding photography,” “wedding photojournalism” and “reportage photography” essentially it describes candid photography. The art of seeing but not to be seen. Natural story telling, nothing contrived or arranged, nothing staged or prompted, just your big day as it happens. I am almost entirely a natural light photographer, by using fast prime lenses I am able to keep shooting in most lighting conditions, without resorting to flash. This helps me to stay unobtrusive and not draw attention. I will not be there to move and arrange things around, I simply observe the day unfold, capturing stunning images as and when they happen.

I do dedicate a window of time, when the lighting is at its optimum, to take a walk with just the two of you and capture some images that express the love you have for each other. Normally this is around sunset and after you have had the chance to be involved with your friends and family for the entire day. Who wants to miss out on those cricket and Pétanque games you setup!

  • “Words are not very adequate for describing how impressed and how much Jono, I and our families like the photos….so stoked! You did such an amazing job- I think I have figured out what makes you that much better than other photographers….while you are a creative genius you also have the gift of intuition- you are great at reading people and it totally shows with our photos…it sums us up so well:) I have even had other people ask if I told you what photos to take because they are so me….haha and was like nope not really.
    Thank you again for sharing in the day and giving us something truly special to always remember the happiness of our wedding with friends and with our family.”
    Alisha + Jono
  • Brad had such a beautiful presence on our wedding day, he felt like a friend to laugh along with when seen, and the rest of the time he was unseen, capturing the amazing moments that he has the extrodinary eye to do so creatively and cleverly. We feel so lucky to have worked with him and foresee an amazing career in photography for him.
    Seeing our wedding photos blew all our expectations out of the water. We were so insatiably happy with brads work. Brad captured the mood, vibes, love and laughs of the day with his passion to do just that. He has such aptitude for capturing and creating visual stories and our photos let us keep all of the very special emotions of the day. On top of that brad was an awesome guy to have as part of our day.
    Megan + Mark
  • “Choosing Brad as our photographer was the best decision we could have made for our wedding. On the day, and in developing the album, he and his partner went over and beyond what was expected, capturing the most joyous and precious moments – the final album is absolutely AMAZING, as is the big print of our favourite shot. We are so thankful! People still tell us they are by far the best wedding photos they have ever seen.”
    Veronica + James
  • “Brad’s relaxed, easy going nature was such a positive energy to have around on our wedding day. He took the time to get to know us beforehand and it was reflected in his photographs. The end result were stunning photographs that captured the day and our personalities perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for a better man for the job!”
    Kirsty + Dave