I aim to observe your wedding day as it unfolds, naturally and unobtrusively. I work very close to the action and try to blend in with the guests as much as possible. I am not the type of photographer who is going to ask you to “pretend” to do your make-up, or get the groom and best man to do a Reservoir Dogs march along the lawn. I do classify myself as a purist documentary wedding photographer and my clients understand that this involves me capturing the real moments and memories from their wedding day – rather than fabricated and set-up photos that really don’t tell a story at all.

I do however understand that there is a need for a small selection of group shots and time can be set aside for this. Usually 3-5 groupings is ample.

I do, I travel often for commissions. Just in the past few seasons I’ve shot weddings in The USA, Sri Lanka, Australia, Rarotonga, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and a variety of unique locations up and down NZ. More than 70 percent of my commissions are outside of the Manawatu. I require lodging and usually a rental car if a flight is required, although I love nothing more than a road trip so I try to drive when I can. Please inquire for a specific quote for your destination as I am always up for a new challenge.

Wedding commissions at $3750 NZD and portrait sessions at $450 NZD. Please contact us for detailed rates.

We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable deposit of $500 NZD ,the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

Delivery time varies depending on what month you get married. September through April weddings can expect to have their images within 4-6 weeks. May through August weddings will be delivered 2-4 weeks after the wedding. Because I will shoot 75 percent of my commissions September through April, delivery time is longer during those months.

More images than you can imagine. It seems like every year I am refining and improving my skill which means delivering more and more photos to you. I average 800-1200 images upon delivery.

For sure. I won’t hold your images in a secure vault somewhere. Your fully processed high-resolution digital files will be put onto a custom USB drive and posted to any corner of the globe. If you prefer snappier delivery I can arrange for the files to be delivered via ‘The Cloud’.

Yes. And backup to my backup.