I was in Auckland for a Magnum workshop back in 2015 when I came across a Bboy event in Mangere, South Auckland.  I was searching for something to shoot around the Auckland streets but was feeling a little uninspired but then I got in touch with Kent and he said to come along to the event, and wow…. what a night!!!

So much intensity, everyone was in thier own zone, they all knew each other but this was battle time. I picked a dude, Akorn, to pay closer attention too, he was pretty quiet and seemed to have alot of respect from the other guys. Shooting with a 35mm fixed lens I found it a bit tricky to get close to the action at first, but after a little while all barriers were dropped and I was able to freely move around the area, thanks sooo much, it let me shoot how I like to.

This event opened my eyes on different ways to shoot and also gave me alot of confidence to get in amongst it all, no hiding in the back with my long lens!