a little about me...



I was born and raised in Rangiotu, New Zealand.


Met the love of my life.

Moved to Wales. Explored.

Sat in the Kop.

Studied photography.

Worked. Too much.

Two amazing boys, Noah + Eli.

Grew a beard.

Got a housebus.

Travel and capture moments.

I love Radiohead, Bon Iver & J. Tillman.

I listen to Love + Radio, This is Stories & 99% Invisible.

Living life in New Zealand and abroad.

Eager to travel and meet and make new things together.

– Brad

Have you ever been looking for something and stumbled upon a stack of photographs you had forgotten existed? Looking through them you are taken back to a time and place that can bring joy or tears, laughter or sorrow and an hour passes before you realise. The photographs are untouched and not altered from chinese whispers over the years, they bring a truth with them and feelings that you will never forget.

Everyone can photograph the same situation differently, we all have a set of filters that have been shaped by the experiences in our lives. I have experienced alot in my life, I grew up in rural New Zealand but have spent time living in London, I was there to witness the birth of my son Noah but also watched my dad slowly pass away from cancer. I believe these experiences, no matter what emotion they invoke, are important and help shape us into the people we are .

Those experiences bring about a sense of empathy and understanding that I believe helps me interact and identify on some level with everyone. I once heard “Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story” and it is so true, once that connection between the subject and photographer is made and trust is gained the opportunity opens for special moments to be captured and cemented in time.

When commissioning a photographer you are placing all of your trust in them to document what is important to you and this is what I do. Be it your favorite Guitar, recent building project or your mothers tears on your wedding day, there are stories within all of these subjects that mean something to you and everyone involved. It is important¬†that when you do find these photo’s in 10-20-30 years time I hope they will take you right back to that special moment.

my two boys, Noah and Eli